Our translation agency:

All Translations Agency is a professional translation agency offering you various linguistic services:

  • Translation
  • Localisation
  • Interpreting
  • Proofreading of your translations

With our base of over 700 professional translators, we can offer translation of your documents into over 75 possible language combinations, so that you can be understood by everyone and, first and foremost, by the recipients of your documents and texts.

We select your translators depending on their linguistic and technical skills, in order to provide you with a perfectly translated document which respects the technical terms associated with your field of activity.

Because we realise that the act of communication is of the utmost importance, we apply rigorous management methods.
Your documents are delivered in the format of your choice (HTML, word-processing software, tables, etc.) whatever your type of computer (PC or Mac), we ensure delivery of an immediately useable document.

Bulky formats are compressed and delivered (.Zip format or file transfer platform).

We guarantee that you will receive a price estimate within 2 hours following your request (if the request is received during office opening hours).

What we do ?

Do you need a translation ? Put your trust in a team of experienced professional translators to translate your documents.
We will put all our skills to use in order to retain the original meaning of the document to be translated.
Go global with more than 75 possible language combinations. Specialising in the fields of Marketing, Communication and Tourism, our translators keep up to date with progress and are in full command of the specialist language associated with these markets.
Whether your requirement is for professional or private documents (companies or private individuals), we translate all your documents into the language of your choice. Many corporations have full confidence in us to do their translations for them on a daily basis.
Are you unsure of how much your translation will cost ? Ask us for a free price estimate.